TEAL: The next generation of organizations

The next generation of organizations or teal organizations releases entrepreneurship forces and self organization to realize a given purpose. It creates pioneer organizations with increased employee engagement, productivity and meaningfulness. In July, I am co-organizing a week long summer journey to investigate how these pioneer organizations are paving the way for the next generation of organization development, and to support participants in their own reinventing quest.

The reinventing quest

Survey after survey shows that a majority of employees feel disengaged from their organizations. They suffer from power games, bureaucracy and a never-ending succession of change programs. They experience a gap between their strengths, passions and opportunities. Deep inside, employees long for soulful workplaces, for authenticity, passion, and purpose.

Liberated or TEAL enterprises 

A number of organizations have managed to achieve this liberation or so called ‘teal’ development, which represents the next stage of human consciousness. They are regarded as the next generation of organizations with happy and engaged employees. Example of these companies include Patagonia (a worldwide recognized company designing outdoor clothing and gear), Buurtzorg (a Dutch Home Care Delivery Organization), Voys (a leading telecommunication operators) or Springest (a comparison website for training programes and courses).

TEAL enterprises implement decentralized and distributed power structures and mechanisms that emphasized trust and transparency. They experience life without manager. They reconcile all part of oneself to be true to one’s calling and passion. Profoundly, TEAL enterprises follows their evolutionary purpose to realize their vision.

These three pillars of TEAL development: self organization, wholeness and evolutionary purpose represent without a doubt the must-have for any performing organization in the future that ultimately favor happy and engaged employees.

Summer journey

Targeting employees from all sectors in a managerial position, the TEAL summer journey includes a week in July on campus at Nyenrode, during which the participants through intensive training, master classes, workshops, and peer coaching will take themselves and their organization on a journey to the next stage of organization development. The week will be followed-up by peer coaching. It will highlight practical self-organization implementation solutions and will walk through the HR practices that allows safe and open working environments. It will dive into the “sense/adapt” growth process of these organizations following their purpose and how strategy, planning or budgeting are implemented. Come and join us in the TEAL quest!

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