AnLuMa inspires leaders, explores new organization frontiers and implements new management practices to increase the agility of your organization and the engagement of your employees. With the ability to interact with executive committees and top management, get your organization ready for the future with AnLuMa!
AnLuMa builds Meaningful Organizations using a very specific DNA developed over time. In all AnLuMa services, you will find:
  • Insights extracted from experience and best practices around the world
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body: Always a mix of thinking and doing
  • Interactive co-creation to create deep learning and a lot of fun!


Via keynote or workshops based on insights from best practices around the world (shared in AnLuMa blog section), AnLuMa gets your executive committee, top management or group of collaborators inspired on what could be their future proof organization. 


AnLuMa facilitates exploratory programmes including learning expeditions to external companies to define your own journey towards Meaningful Organizations. Using state of the art methodologies developed in top universities and the power of experimentation, you will be able to create your own path of evolution and make your first step. 


In order to increase engagement of your collaborators and agility of your organisation, AnLuMa coaches leaders and teams to nurture meaningful practices. Using the power of stories, experiments and informal networks, changes supported by AnLuMa are long lasting towards new businesses and impact. 



If you want to know more about AnLuMa services, please drop us a line at the email below.